On 16 September 2019, Senior Manager of GTDEE Department Dr. Kamonsak Suradom and Manager of GTDEE Department Mr. Katiphot Kanoknorrasade organised the workshops for the 10-BMW apprentices Batch 2018 in Automotive Mechatronics from Eastern Technological College (E.Tech), who trained at the BMW Group (Thailand) Training Centre, Pathum Thani. The workshops provided for the apprentices shown as below:

  • Systematic Thinking and Mind Mapping workshop which run by Dr. Kamonsak Suradom;
  • Introduction for the PAL Interim Examination, which was run by Mr. Katiphot Kanoknorrasade.

In addition, BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s Senior Technical Trainer, Mr. Natthapong Lorpisanchai, participated in workshops.