On 3 July 2020, CIM Integrated Expert and GTDEE Project Director Mr. Markus Hoffmann and Senior Manager of GTDEE Department Dr. Kamonsak Suradom participated in the meeting with the representatives of International Cooperation Bereau, Strategic and Planning Bereau, and Private Vocational Education Bereau under The Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC); Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (Public Organisation)’s Professional Qualification officer, Mr. Watcharapong Wilaiwong and team; Don Bosco Technological College Bangkok’s Senior Advisor, Dual Vocational Education and Training (DVET), Francis Wichai Srisura and relevant teachers; and Eastern Technological College (E.Tech)‘s Head of Industry Department, Mr. Narongkorn Seejan and team, which was focused on sharing knowledge for preparation of Mechatronics programme with implementing project-based learning for Don Bosco Technological College Bangkok. The meeting took place at Don Bosco Technological College Bangkok.