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From 24 to 27 August 2020, CIM Integrated Expert and GTDEE Project Director Mr. Markus Hoffmann and Senior Manager Dr. Kamonsak Suradom hosted PAL examination (part 1) at Eastern Technological College (E-TECH), Chon Buri in mechatronics profession. The examination focused solely on the project-based oriented and separated into several stations as following;

PAL examination (part 1)
Station 1 : Mechanic department
Station 2 : Electrical Installation
Station 3 : PLC Programming
Station 4 : Pneumatic Installation

PAL examination (part 2)
Station 5 : Hydraulic Installation
Station 6 : Start up the device
Station 7 : Documentation of changes
Station 8 : Hand over to Customer

The PAL examination (part 1) involved station 1 to 4 which the students underwent certain tasks and rotated between stations. Furthermore, for station 5 to 8 will be reserved as the PAL examination (part 2) for the students toward the end of their apprenticeship.