Apprenticeship Programme

German-Thai Dual Excellence Education (GTDEE) is an apprenticeship programme in which apprentices work and study at the same time.

The apprenticeship programme pairs hands-on learning with classroom learning. This way, apprentices graduate not only with a degree, but also with job experience and a deep knowledge. The programme divides the time that vocational students spend on the course into two parts: 70 % at the company and 30 % at the college. Thus, apprentices become familiar with the conditions they will encounter later in their careers. They come into contact with the real challenges of a company from a very early stage – a valuable experience promoting independence and a sense of responsibility.

How to join the GTDEE Programme

GTDEE is not only studying and working, it is an EDUCATION for a PROFESSION. To join the GTDEE Programme, students with a vocational certificate can apply at our partner colleges where the GTDEE staff will hold pre-selection tests consisting of a theoretical and practical part.

Students who pass these tests will then be interviewed by our partner companies of their choice, matching with their desired profession. If the interview is successful, students will sign an apprenticeship contract with their company. Finally, your German-Thai Dual Excellence Education is ready to get started!

What to expect

To be the best at your chosen profession, theoretical and practical learning are directly intertwined to provide you with the knowledge you need for your future career. As an added bonus, you will receive a salary and scholarship from your company. During the two years of your education and training, the GTDEE staff will furthermore offer special workshops in Technical English, Technical Mathematics or various other topics which may seem beneficial or are requested by the students or company.

The centralised final examinations to receive the GTDEE certificate are organised by the GTDEE and divided in a theoretical and practical examination to resemble real life work tasks. After you passed the examinations, congratulations, you completed the programme and are ready to launch your CAREER!

Advantages for apprentices

  • You receive dual certificates:

    • College Diploma from a vocational college
    • Certificate from the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • You receive income while studying and a scholarship from your company

  • Graduates have a career path and opportunities

  • Gain hands-on experience and training in your profession

Students' Testimonials

“I chose this dual education programme because someone told me that I will be sure to get a job after graduation. Now I am in my internship period at one of the Mercedes-Benz dealers in Lad Prao. I am the only girl in the first batch. In the second batch . In the second batch there are more girls. I think the programme is definitely becoming more popular.”

Ms. Benjams Reun-nak
Samutprakan Technical College

“I want to gain work experiences that come together with learning opportunities. This is a really rare opportunity for me because I will immediately have a job right after graduation. I also have possibilities to work abroad. It would be a pity if I missed this chance. BMW is a great car. My parents are very happy with this programme because I also received a scholarship and earn some income during studying.”

Mr. Panuphong Banleu
Kanchanaphisek Technical College Mahanakorn

“I took a one month English language foundation course prior to arriving at the Mercedes-Benz training centre. I learnt basic conversation as well as some technical terms Now I will be trained for five days per week here and study for only one day (Sunday) at the college. I have a vocational education background so I think I will be fine because I have a good foundation.”

Mr. Supoj Daengkap
Eastern Technological College (E.Tech)