Agricultural Mechanics

Agricultural Mechanics


Mechanics for agricultural machinery technology find employment opportunities in the servicing sector and with manufacturers of agricultural technology vehicles, machines, plants and equipment.

Profile of skills and competences

  • Service, test, install and repair vehicles, machines, plants and equipment
  • Identify and remedy faults and malfunctions in mechanical, electronic, mechatronic, pneumatic and
    hydraulic systems
  • Operate and commission vehicles and systems
  • Diagnose faults and malfunctions and the causes of such faults and malfunctions in mechanical,
    hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems
  • Process and assemble work pieces and components manually and mechanically
  • Test exhaust emissions and emissions reduction equipment
  • Procure information on the deployment, equipping, repair and maintenance of machines
  • Plan, evaluate and document work
  • Plan and control work processes and evaluate work results
  • Communicate with internal and external customers in a manner appropriate to the situation
  • Apply quality assurance measures
  • Construct and test electrical power supply connections
  • Work in a customer-oriented manner to carry out work both autonomously and as part of a team whilst
    according due consideration to environmental protection, health and safety at work, health protection
    and quality assurance.

Source: BIBB

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