Electric Power

Electric Power


Electric Power engineers are active in the assembly and installation as well as maintenance of power supply systems, control and control technology, signaling systems and lighting technology.

Profile of skills and competences

  • Install electrical systems for lighting, power supply distribution and control of electrical equipment and machines
  • Set up and install switchgear assemblies and distribution boards
  • Assemble switchgear and wire up electrical sub-assemblies
  • Plan orders and prepare the sequence of order processing
  • Set up and decommission assembly construction sites
  • Process and connect mechanical parts
  • Install wiring systems
  • Lay and connect wiring
  • Measure, test, adjust and commission electrical equipment and assemblies
  • Rectify faults in electrical systems
  • Document circuit diagrams, materials, spares and technical tests
  • Work in an autonomous manner on the basis of documentation and instructions and according due consideration to relevant regulations and safety provisions
  • Carry out work in the capacity of skilled electrical and electronic engineering workers under the provisions of the Prevention of Accidents Regulations.

Source: BIBB

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