Production Techniques / Quality Assurance

Production Techniques / Quality Assurance


Production technologists work in development fields, in pilot areas and serial production lines, in application and support areas of the manufacturing industry as well as in production-supporting service companies.

Profile of skills and competences

  • Put production plants into operation, set them up and prepare for the start of the production run
  • Start new processes, conduct series of tests and document them, set up production plants, calculate process parameters and ensure that the plants are ready for pro-duction
  • Programme and parameterise production plants, including machine tools, test facilities and industrial robots or other handling systems, and conduct maintenance work
  • Organise logistical processes for products, tools, process media and residual materials
  • Simulate processes, and produce and test samples and prototypes
  • Operate production plants, monitor process sequences, conduct tests in support of processes and produce documentation
  • Recognise potential for improvement in process sequences
  • Determine and document process and quality deviations, take measures to rectify them and for this purpose, conduct systematic error analyses
  • Evaluate and analyse production plants with regard to the realisation of production orders
  • Use standard software, production and quality assurance software
  • Use norms, specifications and regulations for securing the ability to process of pro-duction plants
  • Maintain data on production planning and control, ensure that information is exchanged between the production division and other operational divisions, and coordinate with them.

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