German-Thai Dual Excellence Education

Be Competent

Apprentices know best about the structure and requirements of the indutry.

Be Distinctive

Industry-relevant syllabus taught in a vocational college over a period of up to two years.


Almost 85 per cent of apprentices are employed in the companies after passing the vocational training and exam successfully.


  • On 15 June 2018, GTDEE Senior Project Manager Dr. Kamonsak Suradom and GTDEE Senior Consultant Mr. Katiphot Kanoknorrasade participated in the meeting with the sub-committees of Private and Public sectors which held at Sukosol Hotel on Skill Workforce Development in Thailand.

  • On 14 June 2018, GTDEE team organized the 9th Vocational Education Committee Meeting (VEC) which held at GTCC. The topics were raised in the meeting shown as below, Roadmap 2018 GTDEE Final Examination Results 2018 GTDEE Activities GTDEE Service Agreement The representatives from partner companies participated in the meeting which consisted of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Co., […]

  • On 14 June 2018, GTDEE team, led by Mr. Markus Hoffmann, Dr . Kamonsak Suradom, Mr. Panuwat Jaitham, Ms. Apinya Amporn and GTDEE trainee Ms. Rinlada Thananowan organised the meeting at GTCC on the topics as following, – Sharing experiences on current cooperation between OVEC and GTCC. Future plan about enhanced cooperation with public colleges. […]

  • On 13 June 2018, GTDEE team, Mr. Markus Hoffmann, Dr. Kamonsak Suradom and Mr. Panuwat Jaitham participated in the meeting with Founding Director and Executive Chairman Dr. Nikorn Wattanapanom, Managing Director of Natural Wing Health Spa & Resort Ms. Wanwalee Tantikarn and Managing Director of Old Moon Co., Ltd. Mr. Rungvit Termpittayavej discussed on Vocational […]

  • On 12 June 2018, GTDEE Project Director Mr. Markus Hoofmann and Senior Project Manager Dr. Kamonsak Suradom went to participate in the meeting with the Director Bureau of Cooperation Mr. Atthapol Sangkawasee which held at the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) discussed on Quality Assurance and Teacher Development.



Examination & Certification

  • GTCC Examination
  • German Chamber of Commerce Worldwide Certificate

Technical Seminars/Workshops

  • Mechatronics PLC Workshop
  • Electrical Mathematics Workshop
  • Electrical Standard Workshop

Training Courses

  • Train the Trainers
  • Train the Teachers
  • AdA Basic
  • AdA International

Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (QA VET) for Vocational College

  • Teaching and Training analyses
  • Safety regulations
  • Area assessment
  • Surveys
  • etc.



Better Quality and Productivity

High quality German standards in specialised training, based on a longstanding tradition of German vocational training and education.

Skilled Labour

Apprentices are on top of the field of their profession and trained to exceed the requirements of the industry.

Company Demand

Apprentices receive demand-based specific training tailored to the companies’ needs and requirements.

Happy Clients Say


  • “GTDEE has helped us in the evaluation and student selection process. The Mitr Phol Group also chooses the most qualified and standardised colleges in correlation with the GTDEE programme.”

    Vice President Human Resources, Mitr Phol Group
  • “One of my policies as Managing Director of Boonrawd is to promote and improve the standard of vocational school graduates, so that they may have an equal opportunity to grow in the industry trhough their achievements rather than just their educational background. By joining with the GTCC, the GTDEE project is an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle in developing the vocational education sytstem and the personnel themselves.”

    Managing Director, Boonrawd Trading Co., Limited
  • “All around the world, the Bosch apprenticeship programme has been a proven success for more than a century in grooming talent. We are confident that our programme in Thailand will raise the bar for industry standards and the skills of our local talent.”

    Managing Director of Robert Bosch Limited
  • “The GTDEE programme is another endeavour to reinforce the established vocational system in Thailand. The aims of GTDEE are to increase the skilled workforce to match the demands of the private sector and to unlock the economic competitveness of the country.”

    Chairman of B.Grimm
  • “In 2014, we signed a MOU with the GTCC for a joint vocational programme in Automotive Mechatronic Training. More than 600 qualified technicians have been trained to support our after-sales service network and we expect to produce about 50-70 qualified technicians per year from 2015 onwards.

    This programme is a guarantee for students as they will earn a high vocational certificate and our excellence certificate at the completion of the programme.”

    President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd.